JavaScript Developer

As a JavaScript developer with Luminoso you will put your expertise in browser technologies to work building a world-class user experience for the users of our web interface.

We work on the design and creation of a data analysis dashboard that enables people to quickly make sense of large textual datasets, such as collections of product reviews, customer feedback, surveys, and news articles.

Our design goal is to craft a system that allows people to pose interesting questions to their data and get back answers that they can believe in. If the idea of working on the end-to-end user experience of a powerful tool for turning data into insights excites you, get in touch!.

The successful candidate will demonstrate:
  • Excellent competence in Javascript and experience with HTML and CSS (we use CoffeeScript and Stylus)
  • An example of your work in the form of a side project, portfolio site, or contribution to an open-source project
  • Built web applications using a structured framework (eg. Backbone.js, Knockout, React)
  • An understanding of responsive design and how to leverage CSS3 for responsive designs is a plus
  • An understanding of Python is helpful, but not necessary

To apply, send your resume to