Technical Operations Engineer

Luminoso’s software products empower clients to understand, measure, and act on large amounts of unstructured text. Luminoso enables enterprise companies to tap into customer experience, fine-tune marketing strategy, elevate customer service and evolve product offerings. The intuitive, easy to use nature of the UI, paired with the core technology’s unrivaled ability to understand human language, makes it essential for efficient and impactful text analysis.

As part of the Tools team, this individual will have a key role in infrastructure support. They will recommend and deploy solutions across all aspects of our systems infrastructure, ensuring high availability, high performance and stability in a rapidly developing environment. They will also participate directly in software development activities packaging these solutions for ready deployment.

Applicants must have a strong familiarity with Linux system administration and networking fundamentals and own a healthy enthusiasm for learning, collaborating, and designing new systems. Ideal applicants will be proficient in Python and in using git version control.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with the Development Team to tackle the high scalability challenges that come with rapid growth.
  • Actively monitor the stability and performance of the server infrastructure (dedicated & cloud).
  • Help ensure that the infrastructure and applications are stable and resilient.
  • Automate where appropriate/possible.

Required experience with administering systems including the following technologies:

  • Linux (esp. Ubuntu)
  • Docker
  • Puppet

Experience with the following is a bonus:

  • Packer
  • Vagrant
  • Virtualization technologies (VMware, KVM/QEMU)
  • Docker deployment technologies (Swarm, Compose, and Distribute)
  • LDAP (esp. OpenLDAP administration)
  • BIND
  • LVM
  • NFS
  • OpenVPN
  • VLAN (802.11q)
  • Python
  • Jenkins
  • iSCSI
  • MIT Kerberos
  • SAML 2.0
  • message brokers (esp. RabbitMQ), log aggregators and IPS/IDS

We particularly seek individuals with sharp and tenacious troubleshooting capability. Strong communication skills and willingness to take initiative are also desired.

To apply, send your resume to