C Space


The Company

C Space, a Luminoso partner, manages online communities to help their Fortune 500 clients learn more about their customers. Much of the feedback is gathered as unstructured text, which yields valuable insights but is more difficult to analyze. When C Space needed to analyze nine months' worth of data from multiple sources for a pharmaceutical client, they turned to Luminoso.

C Space and Luminoso

Luminoso supported C Space with their Amazon AWS-based SaaS platform.  Leveraging the AWS infrastructure and the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) computing infrastructure gave C Space the ability to use the industry’s most powerful artificial intelligence and natural language understanding in a matter of minutes.  The AWS Platform allowed a zero infrastructure deployment at a fraction of the cost of deploying even simple NLP technologies in-house. 


The real ROI was the savings of thousands of hours of time that it would have taken to manually review and analyze nine months' worth of data.  Reducing this time to mere hours represented a huge cost savings, and much faster time to value. C Space continues to be a Luminoso partner and is able to bring the power of AI to all of their research giving their customers the most advanced analysis in the industry. 


Katrina Lerman, Associate Director at C Space, talks about how her company used Luminoso to find valuable insights for the pharmaceutical company and a healthcare provider in this webinar.

You can also download the case study to see the full story of how Luminoso worked with C Space to help the pharmaceutical company uncover insights more quickly than with other solutions.