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Aug 4, 2017

AI Predicts The Future Will Be As Bad As The Past

Media Insider

It’s the age of machine learning, they say. Thanks to algorithms, we can finally eliminate bias. There was no subconscious prejudice -- the decision was made by a computer. After all, computers don’t have a subconscious. Except, of course, they do. We build models that replicate existing outcomes, but our existing outcomes haven’t always been great. Our world is rife with historical biases and systemic injustices. And when we build machine learning algorithms using historical data, we effectively build these biases and injustices into the model.

Jul 18, 2017

What Makes an Artificial Intelligence Racist and Sexist


Artificial intelligence is infiltrating our daily lives, with applications that curate your phone pics, manage your email, and translate text from any language into another. Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are all heavily researching how to integrate AI into their major services. Soon you’ll likely interact with an AI (or its output) every time you pick up your phone. Should you trust it? Not always.

Jul 14, 2017

Forrester CX NYC 2017 Review

CRM Xchange

With so many businesses focusing on customer experience, it’s become more difficult than ever to use it to differentiate a brand in the marketplace. In an environment of constantly rising customer expectations, companies are challenged to create programs that not only improve service but drive revenue and growth. Forrester’s CXNYC Forum, June 20-21 at the New York Hilton, explored the concepts behind achieving breakaway CX. CRMXchange spoke with sponsors in exhibit hall to learn more about emerging solutions, new partnerships, recently releases and product upgrades.

Jul 12, 2017

Luminoso listed as a business AI tool for text analysis


AI is without a doubt accelerating much faster than is probably known and much more established within our daily lives than most would realise. In the case of the companies listed below, business and AI are co-evolving. 

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