Learns like a human, scales like a machine

Luminoso has deep roots in AI and natural language understanding, having been founded at the MIT Media Lab after a decade of research.

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Aggregate unstructured, text-based data from multiple sources in 15 languages.



Accurately analyze, quantify, and track conversations in your unstructured data.



Leverage insights gleaned from your data to make changes across your organization.

QuickLearn technology

QuickLearn technology is the natural language science that automatically learns domain-specific terminology in minutes, not months, so that companies can discover insights faster.

Unlike other natural language technologies, which require expensive, hands-on tuning and massive data collection efforts, QuickLearn technology accurately trains customized models without human intervention, and with less than 1/1000 of the data, in any of 15 languages.

No manual upkeep

Standard analytics solutions simply show you how often terms appear in feedback. But they can't go beyond the surface in clarifying what drives metrics, let alone spot emerging problems hidden in plain sight without months of manual tuning to tell the system what to care about.

Because Luminoso doesn't require periodic manual rule-based updates or ontology grooming to maintain accuracy, it works unsupervised off the data you provide. Which means it can spot emerging issues and topics without advanced specification.

Before analyzing unstructured text, our NLU models use ConceptNet as a contextual backbone that provides a deep understanding of synonyms, antonyms, and concept translations in hundreds of languages. This allows our products to automatically adjust based on the specific way that words are used in your domain.


ConceptNet is a multilingual knowledge graph that gives our products general knowledge about what words mean.

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Learn all about the cutting-edge natural language techniques being used to power our products from our co-founder and chief science officer, Robyn Speer on the Tech blog.

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Luminoso has a simple process flow that can be used on its own, or quickly tied into other processes.

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