Product Support and Service Levels Policy


  1. Introduction
    1. This Support Policies document describes Luminoso Technologies’ support levels and priorities, response times, and service levels.
  2. Customer Support
    1. Luminoso offers two levels of Customer Support, outlined as follows:

      Included Services

      Support Channels

      Response Hours

      Support Fees

      Response Times

      Standard Support

      Initial onboarding training



      M-F, 9am-5pm US ET except major holidays


      As defined below

      Premium Support

      Initial onboarding training

      10 hours of Collaborative Consulting





      Additional Fees

      As defined below 

    3. Customers may contact Luminoso at any time via the support channels available to the level of Customer Support identified in their license agreement to submit a Support Ticket. Support tickets are created by either entering them directly in the portal (, by emailing, or by calling the phone number provided to you (Premium Support customers only).
    4. The level of Customer Support identified in their license agreement dictates the hours during which Luminoso is expected to respond to a Support Ticket.

    5. Initial response times are dependent upon the Priority Level set by the customer at the time that they submit a Support Ticket, as follows:

    6. Support Ticket Priority Level

      Issue Type

      Initial Response Time


      System Outage

      15 minutes

      Critical feature failure


      Authentication Issues

      30 minutes

      Non-critical feature failure


      General Questions

      4 hours

      Enhancement Requests

    7. Support Ticket Workflow
      1. Support tickets enter the support queue in a "New" state, not yet assigned to a support representative. An automated response will be provided to evidence receipt and indicate that a support ticket is in queue.

      2. Ticket Status:

    8. Status



      Ticket has been submitted, but has not been assigned to a support representative.


      A support representative is actively resolving the matter .


      Ticket is assigned to a support representative and is awaiting a response from the customer. Normally the client's response is required to further process the ticket.


      There are no outstanding questions and the reported issue is solved. Customers receive an automated email indicating that Luminoso considers the matter "Solved.” A customer may re enter the Open Status by replying to the automated email


      Once a ticket has been deemed Solved for four ( 4 ) calendar days with no response from the customer, it will be Closed.


  3. Uptime Commitment

    1. Luminoso’s goal is to maintain System Availability at 99.5%.
    2. Root-cause Analysis reports will be the system of record for determining System Availability.

    3. Exceptions:

      1. Problems identified by Luminoso or Company to be caused by components (hardware, software, network, maintenance), over which Luminoso has no direct operational and/or administrative responsibility and control, including, but not limited to application, database, public internet, network, and end user controlled problems.

      2. An event in which responsibility or ownership of the root cause is undetermined; either as between Luminoso and Company, or Luminoso and another Ecosystem partner, unless Company provides reasonably convincing support of Luminoso’s responsibility within thirty (30) days after the end of event impact.

      3. Company’s failure to implement Luminoso’s reasonable written recommendations regarding issues that affect redundancy, capacity, or quality of service within ninety (90) days from the delivery of such recommendations, including any third party developed software implemented by Company.

      4. Force majeure events as defined in the Agreement.

      5. Outages involving those services determined to be non-transactional services, to include, but not limited to, hosted reporting, and service management tools.

      6. Scheduled Maintenance.  Luminoso reserves the right to conduct maintenance during a weekly recurring maintenance schedule (To be specified) unless the day and time is changed upon mutual agreement by both parties. Any Outage related to Scheduled Maintenance will not be included in the calculation Aggregate Downtime Minutes.   Luminoso will notify Company in advance in the event it is required to extend a maintenance window for any reason.  Luminoso reserves the right, upon three (3) days prior notice to Company, to conduct drills within the Hosted Service production environment during the standard maintenance window.

      7. Urgent Maintenance.  Urgent Maintenance, while being conducted, may degrade the quality of the Hosted Services, or may cause an Outage of the Hosted Services. Any Outage related to Urgent Maintenance will be included in the calculation of Aggregate Downtime Minutes.   Luminoso may undertake Urgent Maintenance at any time Luminoso deems necessary. Luminoso will provide notice of Urgent Maintenance to Company as soon as is commercially practicable under the circumstances.

    4. “System Availability” shall mean the percentage derived from the following formula:


      Total Minutes in Monthly Billing Period

      Total Minutes in Monthly Billing Period + Aggregate Downtime Minutes


      1. Calculating “Aggregate Downtime Minutes”: Aggregate downtime minutes shall be calculated as the number of minutes during which the Hosted Services were failing to respond to API calls, based on Luminoso monitoring applications, logs, and additional information provided by Company.

      2. “Total Minutes in Monthly Billing Period" means the total number of minutes during a Monthly Billing Period and does not include Aggregate Downtime Minutes as they are not billable.


  5. Communication

    1. In the case of a Failure Event, Luminoso shall use all reasonable commercial efforts to notify Customer of the Failure Event, identify the source of such Failure Event, and resolve the Failure Event as quickly as possible. Luminoso will maintain a ticket-tracking system, which will be used to record Severity 1, Severity 2 and Severity 3 events.

    2. Luminoso will provide email notifications to Customers of any material Outage.  Notifications will be sent to the specified contact, and to any other contact identified in writing to Luminoso.  Initial and update notifications will be sent at Luminoso’s discretion.

    3. Severity levels of Failure Events:

      1. “Severity 1 Event” shall mean an event in which the Hosted Service fails to successfully process at least 10% of API calls and the cause of the event is not due to any of the exceptions outlined in Section 3 of this policy.

      2. “Severity 2 Event” shall mean an event in which the Hosted Service fails to successfully process greater than 1% but less than 10% of API calls and the cause of the event is not due to any of the exceptions outlined in Section 2 of this policy.

      3. “Severity 3 Event” shall mean an event in which the Hosted Service fails to successfully process less than 1% of API calls. This level may also be assigned to an incident during which a user experiences minimal or no loss of service. This level is typically used for low-level alerts, questions, comments and enhancement requests and is resolved at the discretion of Luminoso.

    4. Initial and update notifications will be sent within the following intervals from event detection, based on the classification of the event.

Severity Classification

Initial Notification

Updates, until resolved

Severity 1

Within 15 minutes

Every 30 minutes

Severity 2

Within 1 hour

Every 2 hours

Severity 3

At Luminoso’s discretion

At Luminoso’s discretion