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Whether you need to uncover insights, track trends, or classify your text data to automate business processes, Luminoso’s AI solutions have you covered.

Luminoso Daylight

You can't address the needs of your customers if you can't find them in your data. Use Luminoso Daylight to automatically surface key topics, track trends over time, and identify the conversations that matter both to you and your customers.

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Luminoso Compass

Automate your business processes by using Compass to classify, label, predict, and act on your streaming text data. By automatically routing and auto-responding to customer feedback in real-time, your support team can focus on the most critical issues.

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Illuminating your data with artificial intelligence


Time to Valuable Insights


Luminoso’s common sense AI builds a nuanced understanding of your customer’s language in minutes. Other technologies require months of expensive, manual work before machine learning can take place.


Illuminate the unknown in your data


Our technology uses your data to identify important topics - instead of searching for verbatims that fit a proscribed keyword list. Find the conversations that you didn't know you should be looking for.


Cutting-edge technology


Luminoso's blend of artificial intelligence and natural language understanding technology make it possible to analyze unstructured data more quickly and accurately than ever before. Our products move past the manual upkeep and keyword building of times gone by to give you answers within minutes, not months.


Humanize your data


Your customers are human; don't turn them into data points. Luminoso's software finds relationships and insights in your data without ever losing sight of the person behind the text.