Luminoso Compass

Automate your business processes by using Luminoso Compass to classify, label, predict, and act on your streaming text data.

High volume

No matter how many messages your company gets each day, hour, minute, or even second - Luminoso Compass can process it in real-time.


You shouldn’t have to wait to understand your data. Luminoso Compass processes any amount of text data as it hits your data center.

Create actionable labels

Luminoso Compass can create actionable and relevant labels from scratch, as well as improve your existing set of classification labels.

Flexible classification

Leverage supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised classification to feed into workflows like agent routing and bot support.

Unearth root causes

Machines can see connections where humans don’t. Luminoso Compass finds and groups similarities in streaming data to uncover root causes.

As global as you are

Luminoso Compass natively processes and classifies data in thirteen languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.


Create or optimize classification labels

Depending on your needs, Compass will either create a set of labels from scratch or improve existing labels.

Connect to any source of streaming data

Compass can process any type of streaming text data - contact center interactions, chatbot transcripts, incoming survey responses - in real-time and in thirteen languages.

Classify streaming data in real-time

As text data flows in, Compass automatically processes, classifies, and labels it in real-time. Labels can then be used for routing, prioritization, and other purposes.

Chain classifiers to automate business processes

Build and automate end-to-end processes, from agent routing to bot support, by connecting multiple Compass classifiers.

Only with Compass

See the insights that only Luminoso Compass could uncover

See Compass in action

Sony wanted to provide global fans with a completely new way to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They needed a way to organize social media posts about the World Cup in real time to enable fans to follow and participate in the conversation. Sony turned to Luminoso Compass, the technology behind their revolutionary platform One Stadium Live. Check out this video to see Compass and One Stadium Live in action.

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Using Compass to improve prediction models… and track the flu

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sought to improve their prediction models by incorporating text-based data, including tweets and emoji. Using Luminoso Compass, they successfully tracked the spread of the flu and optimized their prediction models in the process.

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Transforming customer experience without a single survey

When one of the largest retailers in the USA needed to understand seasonal trends in their customer base, they turned to Compass to analyze large-scale social media data. Compass collected, categorized, and tracked thousands of tweets during the winter holiday season to help the retailer better understand their customers’ needs and adjust their offerings.

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