Luminoso Compass

Use Luminoso Compass to understand, categorize, and track streaming data like contact center tickets and social media posts in real time.

Understand in the moment

Compass categorizes high-volume, streaming data into digestible topics in real time so you can make sense of erratic data, identify and address issues before they become problems, and track customer conversation. 

Unearth root causes and drivers

Machines can often find connections where humans don't. Compass uses machine learning to find similarities within data and group them for deeper analysis - thereby unearthing root causes and illuminating key drivers in your data.

Listen dynamically

Compass learns and adapts to new data on its own, creating new topics and categories as they appear in the data. It doesn't depend on keyword sets, dictionaries, or other human-guided methods that slow down the analytical process.

Keep the customer voice at the forefront

It's easy for your customers' voices to get lost in a sea of data. Luminoso Compass finds overall topics and trends while keeping individuals' feedback visible and useful.

As global as you are

Luminoso Compass can natively analyze and categorize data in thirteen languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.


Connect to any source of streaming data

Luminoso Compass can help you make sense of your data in real time. Connect to any source of streaming text-based data, and it will automatically process and categorize the data in minutes. Compass natively analyzes text data in thirteen languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean.

Understand and categorize your data in real time

Luminoso Compass identifies key categories in your data, assigns incoming data to those categories, and adjusts those groups as your data changes over time. Compass automatically adapts to your dynamic unstructured data using machine learning. It builds on its knowledge as more data is collected, making it easier and faster to understand your customers.

Monitor trends over time

Compass isn’t just for in-the-moment understanding. It keeps track of which topics are becoming more or less prominent in your data, enabling you to get a full picture of how your data is changing over time.

Only with Compass

See the insights that only Luminoso Compass could uncover

See Compass in action

Sony wanted to provide global fans with a completely new way to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They needed a way to organize social media posts about the World Cup in real time to enable fans to follow and participate in the conversation. Sony turned to Luminoso Compass, the technology behind their revolutionary platform One Stadium Live. Check out this video to see Compass and One Stadium Live in action.

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Using Compass to improve prediction models… and track the flu

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sought to improve their prediction models by incorporating text-based data, including tweets and emoji. Using Luminoso Compass, they successfully tracked the spread of the flu and optimized their prediction models in the process.

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Transforming customer experience without a single survey

When one of the largest retailers in the USA needed to understand seasonal trends in their customer base, they turned to Compass to analyze large-scale social media data. Compass collected, categorized, and tracked thousands of tweets during the winter holiday season to help the retailer better understand their customers’ needs and adjust their offerings.

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