Luminoso Daylight

Use Luminoso Daylight™ to quickly surface the topics and trends that matter to both you and your customers, and track them over time.

A brief introduction to Luminoso Daylight

In this short video, we provide an overview of Luminoso's Daylight software and how it can be used to quickly explore and analyze unstructured data like product reviews, open-ended survey responses, and call center transcripts.


Find insights more quickly

In this fast-paced world, every moment matters. Luminoso Daylight processes data in minutes, not days - allowing you to begin surfacing insights right away.

More accurate and intuitive results

Luminoso Daylight incorporates the latest research in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, producing results that hit the highest industry standards in accuracy.

Expect the unexpected

What you don't know that you don't know can hurt you. Analytical approaches based on keyword searches can miss relevant, but unexpected, conversations. Luminoso Daylight starts with your data and identifies topics from there - so you can find those unknown unknowns.

Keep the customer voice at the forefront

It's easy for your customers' voices to get lost in a sea of data. Luminoso Daylight finds overall topics and trends while keeping individuals' feedback visible and useful.

As global as you are

Luminoso Daylight can natively analyze data in fourteen languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

Implement in the way that works best for you

For ultimate flexibility in your analyses, take advantage of the Luminoso Daylight API. Both the user interface and API are accessible in a shared or private cloud on via an onsite installation.


Upload Text Data - in 14 Languages

Regardless of data source or language, Luminoso Daylight has you covered. Analyze call center transcripts, web chats, open-ended survey responses, and other text-based data. Our software can natively analyze data in fourteen languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

Analyze Rapidly & Flexibly

Within minutes, Luminoso Daylight identifies key topics, meaningful connections, and trends - and automatically adapts to your ever-changing data. Luminoso Daylight learns new words using context, just the way humans learn, increasing flexibility and freeing you from time-consuming ontologies. Our software builds on its knowledge as more data is collected, making it easier and faster to understand your customers.

Report on your terms

Luminoso's flexible outputs and intuitive dashboards make reporting and sharing easy. Drive organization-wide enlightenment with Luminoso Dashboards, or create reports with Tableau, or your preferred data visualization tool.

Analyze mixed datasets

For business analysts looking at mixed datasets, the Score Driver analysis tool is the fastest way to reveal which key concepts mentioned in the data have the most impact on scores, so business leaders can gain insights more frequently and take action more quickly.

Score Drivers Page



Analyzing contact center data to streamline support processes

A nationwide office supplies retailer knew that the millions of web chat transcripts they’d collected contained valuable insights - but finding the insights in all that text was a challenge. They turned to Luminoso Daylight to help them make sense of their data and improve their customer support processes.

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Uncovering connections between customer loyalty and employee engagement

A global telecommunications company with over 1.325 million pieces of customer and employee feedback wanted to determine what links existed, if any, between their employees’ engagement levels and their customers’ satisfaction. Luminoso Daylight helped identify where those connections lay and how the company could better serve both its customers and employees.

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Understanding caregiver needs by analyzing text-based data from an online community

C Space, one of Luminoso’s partners, had been working with a pharmaceutical company for over a year to understand the experiences and concerns of caregivers. Traditional approaches made it difficult to find themes and deeper connections across multiple qualitative sources, so they turned to Luminoso Daylight for help.

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