Luminoso for digital products

Customers report problems with digital products in many ways: support centers, reviews, and even unofficial forums and social media. Can your product teams find and fix newly-introduced problems before losing customers?

Each new release is a race against the clock

Time spent looking for problems – or preparing a system to search – is time wasted on actually implementing fixes. Take too long, and you risk pushing your customers straight into the arms of competitors.

Find defects in minutes, not months

Luminoso makes it possible to analyze unstructured text in minutes, so you can quickly uncover the issues that are most critical to your customers – and your business.


Reduce customer churn

Unresolved defects negatively impact usage, adoption, and retention – all direct causes of lost revenue. Luminoso lets you get to work on fixes and improve customer service.


Focus on fixes that matter

Instead of wasting time reading and monitoring feedback, product experts and analysts can spend time on fixing bugs, deploying and evaluating features, and planning roadmaps.


Improve time-to-value

Using QuickLearn® technology, Luminoso contextually understands domain-specific terms without the need for building libraries or ontologies.

Mobile game developer

By analyzing the first several thousand support complaints after each app update, the support team at Supercell can identify which problems cause the most customer dissatisfaction, and prioritize them for developers. Problems are fixed in hours, preventing support ticket backlog and retaining paying customers who may have otherwise stopped using the app.

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Financial investment services firm

A wealth management firm regularly polls customers to spot problems and gauge adoption of new features in its online portal. With Luminoso Daylight®, the company reduced analysis time from 100 hours per month to one hour. After each development cycle, they learn what’s driving negative reviews and low Net Promoter Scores.

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