Luminoso for field service

Global manufacturers and field service organizations create large amounts of maintenance records every day – but how can your teams use that knowledge to improve efficiency and uptime?

Access unshareable organizational knowledge

Daily production, improvement, and repair activities generate vast quantities of free-form maintenance records. That unstructured data is often spread across multiple teams, facilities, or even countries, obscured within disparate formats, shorthand expressions, and multiple languages.

Being able to access organizational knowledge improves the productivity of newer field technicians and staff responsible for continuous operations. Without it, they must reinvent the solutions to previously solved problems.

Improve business productivity by sharing knowledge

Luminoso makes it possible to analyze unstructured text in minutes, so you can quickly point staff in the field to past notes and repair information across millions of maintenance records. That way, institutional knowledge can transcend offices, borders, and even different languages, allowing your teams to create the best customer experience possible.


Reduce customer churn

Unresolved defects negatively impact usage, adoption, and retention – all direct causes of lost revenue. Luminoso lets you get to work on fixes and improve customer service.


Focus on fixes that matter

Instead of wasting time reading and monitoring feedback, spend more time fixing bugs, deploying and evaluating features, and planning roadmaps.


Improve time-to-value

Using QuickLearn® technology, Luminoso contextually understands domain-specific terms without the need for building libraries or ontologies.

Global auto parts manufacturer

By utilizing millions of accumulated maintenance records, DENSO, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of automotive parts, finds latent causes that could lead to long-term suspension of their facilities. 

With no manual annotation or training requirements, Luminoso understands concepts within DENSO’s maintenance notes in Japanese and other languages, thereby informing the staff responsible for facility improvement.

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