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Because our AI-powered software automatically understands new language from any industry, Luminoso's products can work with multilingual data from a wide variety of businesses.


We work with Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies to help analyze large amounts of unstructured data - both streaming and batch.

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We’re always looking to expand our global partner network! Our flexible partnership options include referrals, reselling, and OEMs.

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Multiple Sources

Whether it’s open-ended survey responses, contact center transcripts, web chats, product reviews, or news articles, Luminoso can analyze text data from any source.



Luminoso’s software natively analyzes and understands cultural connotations in 14 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, and Russian.



Language is dynamic, but keyword dictionaries and ontologies aren’t. Luminoso uses AI and machine learning instead of static keywords to rapidly analyze data.



Luminoso learns new concepts the same way that humans do - without human supervision or intervention to adjust to changes in data.


Ease of Use

Luminoso’s software is intuitive and easy to use, making it more efficient than ever to analyze unstructured data and uncover key insights.


Time to Insight

Your time should be spent finding insights, not preparing data or fiddling with keyword lists. Luminoso’s AI-based solutions drastically reduce setup time, enabling you to spend more time sharing and thinking critically about results.


Deep Sentiment

Emotion is more nuanced than positive, negative, or neutral. Luminoso enables you to dive into specific emotions like disappointment, frustration, and excitement.



Other solutions require massive amounts of data to work. Whether you have 500 survey responses or 500 million support tickets, Luminoso can process it rapidly and accurately.

It really is amazing how Luminoso sorts the data into such clear and logical themes, to the point of grouping most of the positive emotions together—and even the exceptions are illuminating. From a brand messaging perspective, this type of analysis is incredibly useful and gives a perspective that no other research methodology is able to convey.

James Cameron, Director of Creative Insights, MAi Research