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About Luminoso Technologies, Inc.

Luminoso Technologies, is a trailblazing force in Natural Language Understanding, born out of the prestigious MIT Media Lab. Our cloud-based platform for text analytics revolutionizes the way organizations uncover insights from unstructured data. With support for 15 languages, Luminoso preserves the nuance of stories as communicated by customers, employees, and industry voices. Powered by advanced machine learning and our Digestive AI engine, our platform goes beyond surface-level understanding. It uncovers hidden patterns, sentiments, and biases, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, we nurture human connections that drive critical business strategies. Discover the power of Luminoso and unlock the potential within your textual data. Visit Luminoso.com for more information.

AI Powered Text Analytics

Compass is a platform for classifying conversational text data such as help desk tickets, support requests, and product reviews. Compass uses natural language understanding to automate the reading and labeling of incoming text, classifying unstructured streaming text at scale.

Sentiment Analysis Software

Luminoso’s solutions allow organizations to analyze any text created by the broadest set of constituencies to glean insights within the Voice of the Customer, the Voice of the Employee, and the Voice of your Industry. With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them. They understand them better.

Luminoso Technologies is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston, MA, with a global presence in North America, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.