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Luminoso, the MIT Media Lab’s brain-child

Enterprise-class, MIT-designed machine learning—Luminoso Technologies

Luminoso Technologies is a global leader in the Natural Language Understanding market. It was born out of the prestigious MIT Media Lab.


Our cloud-based platform for text analytics revolutionizes the way organizations uncover insights from unstructured data. With support for 15 languages, Luminoso Daylight™ AI preserves the nuance of stories as communicated by customers, employees, and industry voices.


Powered by advanced machine learning, our platform goes beyond surface-level understanding. It uncovers hidden patterns, sentiments, and biases, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Trusted by Fortune 5000 companies, we nurture human connections that drive critical business strategies. Discover the power of Luminoso and unlock the potential within your textual data. 

Sentiment Analysis Software

Luminoso’s mission is to provide unbiased, cost-effective text analysis solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions, foster innovation, and enhance communication, all while respecting privacy and promoting inclusivity.

Company Values

Luminoso Technologies is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston, MA, with a global presence.

We prioritize the needs, experiences and growth of both our customers and team members. By fostering genuine connections, active listening, and continuous improvement, we create an environment where everyone thrives, leading to lasting success.
We believe in conducting all aspects of our business with unwavering honesty, integrity and transparency. Our commitment to authenticity guides our interactions, decisions and relationships both internally and externally. Being genuine, sincere and trustworthy in all that we do fosters an environment of mutual respect and ensures that our company’s reputation remains unshakably strong.
We are dedicated to fostering groundbreaking ideas, driving innovation, and continually seeking new solutions to complex challenges by embracing the power of inventive thinking and pushing boundaries to be the driving force behind our growth and success. Our focus on ingenuity also goes beyond innovation, it is about the creativity to envision new possibilities, the curiosity to explore uncharted territories and the open-mindedness to embrace diverse perspectives.
We strive to foster an environment that recognizes and acknowledges the emotions and perspective of others, even if they differ from one’s own, and responses in a supportive and respectful manner. Practicing empathy encourages open communication, active listening and a willingness to offer assistance or support when needed; fostering a more inclusive, collaborative and positive environment.
We embrace the mindset of finding innovation and resourceful ways to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. We believe that fostering a culture of innovation empowers the team to problem-solve creatively, collaborate effectively, adapt and thrive.
Business Analysts

Built For Business Analysts

  • Upload and categorize your data in minutes
  • Built for data-science level granularity, customize everything 
  • Create new methodologies for analyzing quantitative data not yet seen in the market
Subject Matter Experts

Built For Subject Matter Experts

  • Drill down into specific drivers to determine why and how
  • Unpack relationships within the for deeper understanding and how one point may impact others
  • Translate your expertise to the rest of your organization through data visualization and reporting systems
Key Stakeholders

Built For Key Stakeholders

  • Rapid implementation for faster results and higher savings
  • Automate data loading and ingest multiple data types seamlessly
  • Current and unbiased results enable more effective decision-making in near real-time