Best-In-Class Go-To-Market Product Positioning Use Case

Best-In-Class Product Positioning

Luminoso Daylight™ AI Go-To-Market Solution

Summary of the Go-To-Market Case Study:

In 2022, a renowned semiconductor manufacturer in the gaming sector introduced a new laptop to the market. Following the initial market release, they gathered 7870 customer reviews from diverse platforms like Reddit, Amazon, and Youtube. Initially, they used analyst firms to sift through and analyze the data. They were skeptical about the results and wanted an unbias perspective. That’s where Luminoso Daylight™ AI came into the picture.

Luminoso Daylight™ AI allowed them to...


Speed-To-Market: Luminoso Daylight™ AI reduced the time it took to see where direct impacts could be made to improve NPS.

Sharper Competitive Edge: Luminoso Daylight™ AI showed them exactly where they could position themselves against their competitor for maximum impact.

Reduced Data Analyst Cost: Luminoso Daylight™ AI’s deep learning and auto-tagging functionality allowed their analysts to focus on analyzing data instead of organizing it.

Accurate NPS Tracking: Luminoso Daylight™ AI’s ability to track changes in the market showed them exactly where they need to focus their efforts to improve their overall rating.

Quick Comprehension Of Product Insights: Data visualization and integration ensures the internal team is equipped with accurate insights for faster decision-making.

Informed, Bias-Free Decision Making: The non-biased nature of analytics instills a sense of confidence in decision-making processes, ensuring resources are managed and allocated with pinpoint accuracy. 

Deep Dive Into CSAT Scores: Grants the ability to delve into how each specific driver influences the CSAT score and understand their interrelations for a more nuanced strategy approach.

Strategic Vendor Negotiations: Facilitates renegotiation of vendor contracts with a grounded understanding of customer experience (CX) performance metrics.

Luminoso Daylight™ AI pinpointed crucial areas like battery life and system stability that were influencing customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. It also shed light on often-overlooked aspects like shipping logistics, showcasing an interconnection of elements that were affecting the customer’s overall experience.

Luminoso Daylight™ AI’s deep learning and data visualization made comprehending the holistic customer experience much easier for all stakeholders.

Roadmap To Innovation:

The visualization of data became their roadmap to innovation, allowing them to target specific development zones with precision. Management could now evaluate, with certainty, where to channel their investments for maximum impact.

Luminoso Daylight™ AI made their analyst team more effective and efficient.


Luminoso Daylight™ AI debunked several findings of previous analysts, presenting a bias-free narrative. It revealed clear paths to delivering a product experience that meets and exceeds customer and internal team expectations. The Go-To-Market learnings advanced our ability to help our client reposition strongly against their competitor.

And the product experience manager only needed 2 hours of training to train the respective models.

Tangible ROI