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Luminoso builds products that turn conversational text data into business-critical insights.


At Luminoso, we combine world-leading natural language technology with a vast knowledge base to build software that understands words like humans do. Analyze your unstructured text data immediately and at scale to discover, interpret, and act on what matters most to the people you serve.

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Express is the fastest way for your organization to uncover insights in text data – no training, coding, or libraries required. 

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See how organizations including athenahealth, Hilton, and Supercell are using Luminoso to take immediate, informed actions on their text data, and providing amazing experiences and services.

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Our products allow users at all technical levels to analyze their conversational text. Examine relationships in data, make sense of feedback, and triage inquiries to drive value – no data science experience required.

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Supported by unparalleled natural language capabilities, Luminoso has a common-sense understanding of the world and how humans communicate natively in 15 different languages.

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