What We Do

Luminoso hones in on the underlying concepts in your dataset, thanks to a foundation in artificial 
intelligence and natural language understanding.

Within minutes, you can learn from hundreds of thousands of otherwise untapped feedback, like support tickets, open-ended survey responses, or reviews.

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The Luminoso Daylight software automatically analyzes all of your feedback so you can discover hot topics, identify top complaints, and track critical trends over time.

The Luminoso Compass software makes it easy to categorize high volumes of streaming data, like support tickets, call transcripts, or chatbot data into digestible topics.

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How it Works

Luminoso's products leverage the power of artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, and machine learning to accelerate the speed in which we understand and derive meaning from text.

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How it Works


Every day, we help our clients solve critical business challenges like classifying customer support tickets and understanding key drivers behind NPS scores. 

Check out our Resources Library for case studies, white papers, and videos about how we enable our clients to succeed.