One Platform.
Five Key Pillars For You


Identify key insights and display them in one place to quickly and easily understand projects.


Understand the full picture of how people perceive and write about Something. 


Analyze text and report on people’s sentiment, so you know how they feel about any given subject.


Uncover why people give your products, services, or even your organization that five-star (or one-star) rating.


Visualize how concepts relate to each other so you can identify and report on major themes.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analytics

With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them. They understand them better.

Immediate insights. No prep required.

No need for setup, collecting training data or designing ontologies to get started. Just start exploring datasets in minutes.

Automate the feedback review process.

Free your teams from manually mining feedback for insights so they can address more important matters.

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

John Naisbitt

Megatrends (1982)

Find things you weren't even looking for.

Luminoso Daylight understands words and phrases it’s never seen to surface previously unknown issues and trends, empowering you to take action.

Unparalleled natural language understanding.

Translations can be tricky and may not always convey the intent of the original language. Daylight has a common-sense understanding of the world and how humans communicate – natively – in 15 different languages.

Step into the light