Sort your unstructured text like a boss.

Luminoso Compass

One Platform.
Three Key Pillars.

Supervised Classification

Supervised Classification

Use pre-labeled data to train classifiers for real-time categorization of incoming text.

Sentiment Classification

Sentiment Classification

Leverage advanced scoring methods to classify incoming text based on analyzed sentiment.

Query-based Labeling

Query-based Labeling

Assign labels based on how well incoming text matches queries, for both exact matches and related concepts.

Intelligent triage automation.

Cutting-edge machine learning lends Compass a human-like understanding of language to accurately sort incoming data.

Intelligent triage automation
Near real-time classification

Near real-time classification.

Luminoso’s patented science understands language in near-real time to support routing the right information to the right people.

Classify at scale.

Compass handles thousands of incoming text samples per minute to maintain speed and accuracy even at high volume.

Text Analytics AI
Luminoso Compass

Reduce training data up to 95%

Compared with open-source classification libraries, Luminoso Compass requires anywhere from 10 to 20 times less labeled data.

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