Natural Language Processing AI

Reduce Survey Fatigue And

Improve Client Insights

Luminoso helps you learn how to ask better questions and less of them, increasing your ability to garner better client and market intelligence while reducing survey fatigue.

If you really want to learn what people are thinking and feeling, you need to be asking better open-ended questions.

Luminoso’s AI-powered natural language understanding platform allows you to analyze the ever-increasing volume of unstructured data and identify what words your clients need to hear.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

Galileo Galilei

Interpret Faster and Understand Better

You’re the subject matter expert. Let Luminoso’s natural language understanding platform help you uncover the information and insights from your unstructured data that you can then deliver to your clients.

“Text analytics software is the only way to efficiently analyze large unstructured datasets. If you care about your analysis being comprehensive, data-driven and valid, but also speedy and cost-effective, you have to use software. There’s no way around it.

Text analytics software allows us to find patterns in textual data that we never would have found with the naked eye.”

Jim White, PhD

CEO, RealityCheck


Voice of the Customer Analysis

Your customers are constantly (and everywhere) telling you how you’re doing. Analyze their feedback and understand them faster.

Voice of the Employee Analysis

Make better people decisions by understanding better how to influence employee productivity and thriving.

Market Research Insights

Clients come to you for your market research expertise. The right text analytics platform can support you as a leading provider of market insights.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analytics

With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them.  They understand them better.

Step into the light