Boston, MA – October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Luminoso Technologies, Inc. announced today the general availability of its market-leading natural language understanding platform for text analytics across the entire Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud infrastructure, covering 34 regions and over 200 countries and territories, globally.

“As the demand for Luminoso’s text analytics applications have surged in recent years, our engineering and infrastructure teams have ensured our applications are exceeding customers’ needs,” said Adam Carte, CEO of Luminoso. “Henning Smith has been a stellar leader of our engineers during his tenure at Luminoso. As we continue to grow Luminoso globally, we’re confident that Henning will ensure our customers continue to enjoy best-in-class text analytics solutions through both cloud and on-premise deployments.”

Henning has more than twenty years of experience leading and developing engineering teams in distributed locations, and managing global software development projects from inception through delivery. He joined Luminoso in 2019 to lead the company’s engineers. Under Henning’s leadership, Luminoso scaled its global infrastructure, achieved SOC 2 compliance, and launched a series of new text analytics features. Prior to joining Luminoso, Henning led multiple engineering and infrastructure teams for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco and CA Technologies

“During my time at Luminoso, I have been incredibly impressed with everyone’s commitment to ensuring that we’re delivering the highest-quality text analytics applications to all of our customers,” said Henning. “As Chief Technology Officer, I look forward to overseeing the development and delivery of the next generation of Luminoso’s text analytics applications.”

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About Luminoso

Luminoso Technologies, Inc. – born out of the MIT Media Lab – offers the only cloud-based Natural Language Understanding platform for text analytics – supporting natively 15 languages.  The Luminoso platform allows organizations to drive better business outcomes by analyzing the thoughts, sentiments and unintended biases of the broadest set of constituencies to glean insights within the Voice of the Customer, the Voice of the Employee, and the Voice of your Industry. With the Luminoso platform, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them.  They understand them better.

Luminoso is privately held and headquartered in Boston, MA.