Founded at the MIT Media Lab after nearly a decade of research, the technology that powers Luminoso products and solutions has deep roots in leading artificial intelligence and natural language understanding.

What is QuickLearn?

Human language is social. It’s dynamic. It’s heavily context- and domain based. The varying settings where language is used – locations, industries, subject matters, and cultures – heavily influence what kind of language is used and what words mean. This variety makes it incredibly difficult to create a generalized computer solution that works across any domain or context. Luminoso has developed QuickLearn® as a commercially viable solution to this problem.

QuickLearn® employs an advanced form of transfer learning enabling the realization of unsupervised learning. This leads to unparalleled adaptability and understanding driving deeper and more meaningful insights quickly and at scale.

Rooted in

concept net

QuickLearn’s unsupervised learning leverages a vast background space, based on ConceptNet, that represents how people use language. ConceptNet is a knowledge graph designed to help computers understand the meanings of words that people use. Through the use of the background space derived from ConceptNet, QuickLearn is able to learn from context like humans do and exhibit common sense understanding.

Experience the power of leading natural language understanding.

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