Score Drivers is an analysis tool for mixed datasets

This Luminoso Daylight feature analyzes unstructured reviews and survey feedback, revealing how your unstructured data correlates with quantitative ratings.

For business analysts looking at mixed datasets, the Score Driver analysis tool is the fastest way to reveal which key concepts mentioned in the data have the most impact on scores, so business leaders can gain insights more frequently and take action more quickly.

*Mixed datasets contain two types of data: unstructured, qualitative data such as survey verbatims, or product reviews; and structured, quantitative data such as review stars or NPS ratings.

“Score Drivers offers an intelligent way to automate at scale how an organization understands these mixed data sets, so they can go beyond the numbers to learn which specific aspects of their product, service, or experience need improvement.”


Prioritize feedback to make better business decisions.


Score Drivers helps companies quickly know what’s working and what’s not by understanding how strongly elements with positive or negative impact correlate to metrics such as satisfaction scores and numerical product ratings. That way, companies can better understand the issues that need addressing first.

Save time through intelligent automation.


By automatically matching terms with broader concepts, and taking into account each concept’s relevance, frequency, and importance, Luminoso helps analyst teams spend less time manually reading verbatims, preparing data, and calculating correlations with quantitative ratings, and more time on root cause analysis.

Give analyst teams more meaningful work.


Analyst teams spend less time manually crunching through how to associate free text with scores, and more time exploring root causes and creating insightful readouts for business leaders.

Close the loop faster from insights to action.


Because Score Drivers uncovers insights from mixed datasets without tying up data science teams for months, organizations can react more quickly to those insights.

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