How Will LLMs Change Customer Experience?

Have you ever thought about how global companies manage to provide the best customer experience? They have millions of customers worldwide speaking different languages, but still, they provide top-notch services to everyone. How do they make it possible? Getting an answer to this question is difficult.

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, your search can end now. In this blog, you’ll learn what companies are using to optimize customer experience, most importantly, how you can achieve the same results, and even more.

According to Nimdzi Insights, customers don’t want complex answers to their questions. Around 60% expect a personalized experience, and 90% ignore the product if it’s not in their native language.

It means you’re missing out on many customers and chances to increase your revenue. The best solution for this is using Large language models. But how is it changing the customer experience?

Keep reading because, in this article, you’ll get to know about it in depth. Let’s dive in.

What Are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are artificial intelligence (AI) models designed to understand and generate human-like text. These conversational models are built upon deep machine-learning techniques.

They can process and generate natural language text at a scale and complexity previously unseen in natural language processing (NLP). Imagine you’re shopping online and have a question about a product. You can do two things:

  1. Wait for a human agent to answer your queries might take some minutes or hours
  2. Get a reply in nanoseconds with an AI chatbot powered by a Large Language Model

No one likes to wait. Everybody wants a quick response, and you can’t leave the shopper waiting. With AI, you’ll get a quick contextual response. The best part is they are available 24/7 to answer customer queries. It increases customer loyalty by giving empathetic responses.

What Role Does LLMs Play In Enhancing Your Customer Experience?

After chatGPT, everyone is being quick to adopt technology in their business. Businesses are implementing the latest technologies to save time and money. But how is that even possible?

You might have heard of chatGPT.

There are two versions, GPT-3.5, which is free for everyone. But GPT-4 is a paid version that provides you with the best possible information, creates content, translates human languages, and much more.

Not only this, they also assist in market research. Many Artificial Intelligence systems and tools are in the market for this purpose.

With an LLM, you can add value to your business and automate mundane tasks. You can 10x your customer experience because these programs don’t have a robotic tone that will repel your audience.

Instead, they use a natural, conversational style with efficient and personalized support. This is what makes your potential leads feel super special. Many organizations think it’s limited to chatbots that have programmed templates.

However, that approach is not effective, and there are many scalability issues. Here’s a quick example to understand this concept.

Before LLMs

In the past, customer service chatbots were programmed with templated replies. For example, if a customer asked:

“What’s the return policy for this product?”

The chatbot would provide a predefined response like:

“Our return policy allows returns within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt.”

Now With LLMs

With the integration of LLMs, customer service chatbots have become much more dynamic. They are capable of understanding and generating natural responses.

When a customer asks the same question about the return policy, the LLM-powered chatbot can provide a personalized and contextual response like:

“Our return policy is quite flexible. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the product as long as you have your receipt. If you need further assistance, please let me know.”

That’s what Luminso does. It will not give your customers half, inaccurate, and irrelevant replies. It analyzes your customers, surveys, online reviews, social media, and more. With this data, you can give the best customer experience to your target audience.

How does LLMs Improve Customer Experience?

There are many areas in which this AI technology can help businesses. But providing the best experience to consumers is among the top ones. They can answer:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Help with product queries
  • Give recommendations
  • Resolve complaints

And the list goes on and on. If you properly integrate these systems, they can execute different tasks. These smart, automated programs can also reorder items or give shoppers a refund when needed.

Doing it can be a huge game-changer for your business. Let’s discuss some of the most important things about such software.

  • Quick Help in Any Language: They can understand and answer customer questions in many languages. It can read and summarize database information and give customers fast and helpful responses, making problem-solving quicker.
  • Making Things Personalized: With LLMs, you can view your customer behavior, reviews, and preferences. So, companies can suggest things that you might really like, such as product recommendations, discount codes, or special deals. This makes customers happy and more interested in what the company offers.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: They solve customers’ problems and product questions by monitoring them deeply. They scan social media posts, chats, and many other platforms virtually. This helps them find issues early and know what they’re doing right.

Suppose a product-based tech company is launching its latest product globally. They have websites, social media accounts, and business profiles on various online platforms. However, they have a vast audience residing in Italy and Korea. How can they make their content personalized for them?

By using LLMs and AI.

It will not only provide the company with data on their target audience living in different locations. But it’ll also translate and personalize the content so you can achieve your desired goal from the marketing campaign.

In a nutshell, they help companies make content that truly connects with their intended audience. They can suggest improvements to human translators, making the content:

  • More appealing
  • Compelling
  • Persuasive
  • Engaging

So here’s how this process goes.

Use LLMs to get customer insights → Create content for your target audience → Excellent results from product launch → Campaign success → Satisfied consumers.

If you want your business to succeed, implementing LLMs is extremely important. It’s a century in which technology is progressing at a rapid stage. What if you don’t implement these? What will happen?

You will stay behind your competitors because they already use AI and technological innovations.

What’s The Role Of Humans In LLMs?

After the AI revolution, many people are getting worried about their jobs. The list of concerns regarding this keeps increasing. But the truth is that it will not replace anyone. As individuals, everyone needs to learn how to use these tools to their fullest potential.

Every business should train employees to encourage people to give feedback and reviews. If you keep giving constant feedback, then LLMs will provide better results to you.

There is a specific name for this process. It is reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). With this approach:

AI interacts with the environment → gets information from the users (feedback, reviews, posts)

Remember, a human expert provides this feedback to ensure 100% accuracy and a real review of your product. Many people think human feedback is just the five-star reviews you get on your GMB profile or Facebook page. It’s more than that. It includes:

  • Numerical ratings on a product site
  • Social media content, e.g., tweets
  • In-depth reviews

The reinforcement learning algorithm uses the feedback it gets to change its strategy. It helps you get better and provide an excellent customer experience. You can meet customer expectations and improve customer interactions.

3 Reasons To Choose LLMs

Still confused about choosing LLMs for your business? Here are three reasons to choose LLMs for your business. You can use software such as Luminoso for this purpose.

  • Enhanced Training: LLMs empower your team with comprehensive training modules, ensuring they deliver top-notch customer service.
  • Consistent Knowledge: Ensures your staff is equipped with up-to-date information and skills to provide consistent and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Continuous Improvement: Utilize LLMs analytics to identify areas for improvement and refine customer service strategies.

Ending Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is exceptional technology for providing a great experience to your customers. For this, creating a company culture that embraces technology is important. Because if you’re not keeping up with the latest technologies, you’ll soon be a story of the past.

By using LLMs, you can get the key to winning your customers’ hearts. You’re making them feel special. Ensure that the LLMs you choose is advanced and can extract only relevant data because you don’t want to track metrics that are not relevant to your audience. You must build a strong connection with your target audience to grow your business. It’s possible by understanding them learning about their pain points and what they like about your products.

At Luminoso, we understand that many businesses are facing similar problems. That’s why we provide accurate marketing research using NLP to help you know more about your audience.

To unlock the potential of Luminoso in enhancing customer service and optimizing your business functions, request a demo now.

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