One platform

So many Solutions

Here are just a few:

Voice Of The Customer Analysis

Your customers are constantly (and everywhere) telling you how you’re doing. Analyze their feedback and understand them faster.

Voice Of The Employee Analysis

Make better people decisions by understanding better how to influence employee productivity and thriving.

Market Research Insights

Clients come to you for your market research expertise. The right text analytics platform can support you as a leading provider of market insights.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analysis

With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them. They understand them better.

The Most Robust Natural Language Understanding Platform

Built for you.

Business Analysts

Built For Business Analysts

  • Spend precious, expensive time analyzing – not reading
  • Built for data-science level granularity, customize everything down to sample size views, etc.
  • Create new methodologies for analyzing quantitative data not yet seen in the market
Subject Matter Experts

Built For Subject Matter Experts

  • Spend precious, expensive time analyzing – not teaching the tool your expertise
  • Unpack relationships and hypothesis that you only knew about with real data
  • Translate your expertise to the rest of your organization through familiar tables and reporting systems
Key Stakeholders

Built For Key Stakeholders

  • Process large amounts of data faster to get to decisions faster
  • Aggregate multiple data sources into cohesive 360-degree views for more informed decision making
  • Implement change within your department or organization faster

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