Platform—Luminoso Daylight™ AI

The Solutions For Text-Analytics

Customer Experience—CX

Analyze customer feedback faster. Our AI requires no training or new ontologies. Improve those CSAT scores with pinpoint accuracy.

Voice Of The Employee

Understand how to improve employee productivity and culture by getting to the root of employee drivers.

Market Research Insights

Luminoso Daylight™ AI’s deep learning and auto-tagging functionality allows analyst teams to focus on the data instead of organizing it.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analysis

Luminoso Daylight™ AI’s deep learning and data visualization makes comprehending text-based data faster and easier than ever before.

The Most Robust Natural Language Understanding Platform

No new ontologies, no dictionaries, no training required

Business Analysts

Built For Business Analysts

  • Upload and categorize your data in minutes
  • Built for data-science level granularity, customize everything 
  • Create new methodologies for analyzing quantitative data not yet seen in the market
Subject Matter Experts

Built For Subject Matter Experts

  • Drill down into specific drivers to determine why and how
  • Unpack relationships within the for deeper understanding and how one point may impact others
  • Translate your expertise to the rest of your organization through data visualization and reporting systems
Key Stakeholders

Built For Key Stakeholders

  • Rapid implementation for faster results and higher savings
  • Automate data loading and ingest multiple data types seamlessly
  • Current and unbiased results enable more effective decision-making in near real-time

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