Better understanding for a better customer experience.

It isn’t enough to make educated guesses about what your customers want. Get a full picture of issues impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty before churn.

Understand YOUR Customers

where they are

Product reviews on Amazon? Check. Comments on Facebook or Reddit? Check. Support Forums? Check. Yelp? Check. Wherever your customers are sharing feedback, now you can analyze it to better understand the words they are using to describe your product/service and their thoughts and feelings towards it.
Customer Experience

Shorten the insight-to-action cycle

Contextual, nuanced understanding of issues and topics in text feedback gives you direct, immediate control of critical actions and fixes.

Ditch manual reviews and focus on what matters

Instead of wasting time trying to understand feedback, spend your time fixing gaps in journeys, launching products, and continuously innovating.

One platform

So Many Solutions

Here are just a few:

Voice of the Customer Analysis

Your customers are constantly (and everywhere) telling you how you’re doing. Analyze their feedback and understand them faster.

Voice of the Employee Analysis

Make better people decisions by understanding better how to influence employee productivity and thriving.

Market Research Insights

Clients come to you for your market research expertise. The right text analytics platform can support you as a leading provider of market insights.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analysis

With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their employees, or even understand them. They understand them better.

Step into the light