Concept-based vs. keyword-based text analytics

The average person is thinking one of two things after reading the title of this post. “What in the world is text analytics?” or “You have my attention, what’s the difference?” Leading industry analyst, Seth Grimes, who in fact has posted on this subject before, defines text analytics as “software and transformational processes that uncover … Read more

Picking a March Madness bracket using NLU

The NCAA basketball playoffs are here. It’s time to make complicated bets on the outcome of a single-elimination tournament. Time for basketball fans to act like they know things about statistics, and statistics fans to act like they know things about basketball, and fans of both basketball and statistics to win stuff. Time for March … Read more

Emoji and text analytics

If you write software that handles text, you should expect to have your fundamental assumptions about how text works shaken up about once per decade. It’s happening again around now. Suddenly, a large volume of text contains characters that not all software is ready to support. Three years ago, these characters didn’t exist, but they’ve … Read more