3 ways to improve your survey responses

Our clients use Luminoso to analyze unstructured text data they receive in many forms, including surveys, reviews, support tickets – and more. Unsurprisingly, we regularly see many surveys and gather insights about the questions our clients ask their respondents. Read on to learn three quick things to keep in mind, and how each can vastly … Read more

3 takeaways from recent CX events

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to attend and speak at two customer experience events: the Customer Experience (CX) Strategies Summit in Toronto, and the Argyle Customer Experience Leadership Forum in San Francisco. I met and chatted with CX leaders from different industries, as they shared best practices and insights into transformational … Read more

Tracking a wearable product launch

Customer feedback analytics and ticket classification make for a successful wearable technology product launch. Read the full case study here. Story A global consumer electronics company was on the verge of releasing a brand new wearable product. Given such a high-profile launch, the company needed to be ready to resolve any issues that might crop up … Read more

Event Recap: Argyle CX New York

Last Tuesday, I was delighted to once again speak at an Argyle Customer Experience (CX) Leadership forum, this time at the Convene conference center just off of Times Square in New York City. Here were my three biggest takeaways from the event: My topic was “Maximizing the Customer Experience Through Data.”  Jeff Parkinson, the Sr … Read more

Can employee engagement improve customer loyalty?

A global telecom company discovered the connections between employee engagement and customer loyalty. Story The business analytics team at a large telecom company had been compiling and analyzing customer and employee feedback using traditional statistical methods. The problem was that these methods only worked well with quantitative data, and the team quickly realized that open-ended responses … Read more