What is a Large Language Model?

What is a Large Language Model

Technology is improving rapidly, and many of these innovations have caught the attention of businesses. One of the most important is Large Language Models, abbreviated as LLM. It is a major innovation of Artificial Intelligence, reshaping how we interact with computers, data, and, most importantly, language. Many people think that LLM is just a buzzword. … Read more

Can Ai Manage Business Calls?

Can Ai Manage Business Calls

Standing out in today’s business world is not easy. You must ensure your brand solves a problem and makes your target audience feel special. But that’s not enough. With rapid technological advancements, utilizing tools to streamline workflow is becoming extremely important. One buzzword that you must have heard is “Artificial Intelligence.” It’s changing the way … Read more

ChatGPT: The end of market research?

Dive into a kaleidoscope of ideas, where technology intertwines with creativity, illuminating the path for future-forward market research. Join Kim Larson, the Client Success Manager at Luminoso, and Rob Pascale, a Chief Analytics Officer of Marketing Analysts, as they journey through an intriguing digital landscape painted by Artificial Intelligence, specifically the generative AI model, ChatGPT. … Read more

Search like a human with AI-powered natural language understanding

The amount of data we collect is only growing with each passing day, and there’s no sign of it slowing anytime soon. To make any use of all this information, we need a better way to search it. The bigger a haystack, the more difficult it is to find a needle. Tech giants like Microsoft … Read more

Artificial intelligence, human responsibility: Our role in AI-powered natural language understanding

When it comes to analyzing text, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have gone mainstream. These advances have caused a wave of excitement in how we understand what people are saying in written language. And in the race to make this tech available, our responsibility in understanding the implications of its use can get … Read more