Contextual comparative analysis with Unique to This Filter

Identifying patterns and important concepts in unstructured text is key to understanding what people are really saying. Although there are valuable takeaways in entire text datasets, the insights you really need are those most relevant to the problem you’re trying to solve right now. These critical insights can usually be found within segments of your … Read more

Introducing Concept-Level Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Leading brands consistently invest serious cash into understanding customer feelings. Feedback like I love my new shoes, but hated how long it took them to ship holds the key to understanding what pain points or positive moments make or break a user’s experience. Even reviews that look overall negative or positive may be hiding more … Read more

Introducing Advanced Concept Search in Luminoso Daylight

The tools that help you analyze your data should feel uncomplicated. And the more complex the business questions you’re looking to answer, the more important ease-of-use becomes. At Luminoso, we think searching your text data should just make sense. Advanced Concept Search is now available in Luminoso Daylight as of May 2020. This new capability … Read more

Concept-level sentiment analysis: The next level of understanding emotion in text feedback

If you work with text feedback data in any form – product reviews, support tickets, open-ended survey responses, to name a few – you’ve undoubtedly encountered sentiment analysis. You might even own or have built a text analytics system that has a sentiment analysis tool. Standard in almost all text analytics products, sentiment analysis is … Read more

Introducing Highlights and Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Since its launch in 2015, Luminoso’s core application for analyzing conversational text data has distinguished itself by working without libraries, ontologies, or lengthy setup. Our team is always searching for the quickest, most effective ways to analyze unstructured text data for business and technical users alike. We want all of our customers to uncover critical … Read more