Can employee engagement improve customer loyalty?

A global telecom company discovered the connections between employee engagement and customer loyalty. Story The business analytics team at a large telecom company had been compiling and analyzing customer and employee feedback using traditional statistical methods. The problem was that these methods only worked well with quantitative data, and the team quickly realized that open-ended responses … Read more

Start capturing the true voice of your employees

At Luminoso, we’re all about helping companies discover the value hiding in their feedback. But those insights don’t have to be limited to your customers. We also help companies learn more about their employees and the topics that are important to them. That way, the employee experience can be improved, ultimately enhancing the company’s ability … Read more

Surveys: Time for a major upgrade

This article was originally published by Customer Experience Magazine on February 8, 2017. It was written by Eric Pendleton, our awesome Product Training Manager. You can read the original article here. Let’s face it. Surveys suck. They suck to take and they really suck to design. Even a well-designed survey tends to make assumptions (in … Read more

Conducting analyses in a changing science landscape

This week’s blog post was written by Cassie Johnson, Vice President of Customer Success and Services at Luminoso. My colleague Dmitry Grenader recently wrote an article about AI and machine learning and our relationship with it.  Specifically, he ended his post exhorting his readers to: Work with the machine. Seriously, tell your colleagues to treat it … Read more

Whoever said surveys are dead is dead wrong

This post was written by Cassie Johnson, VP of Customer Success and Services at Luminoso, and was first published by MarTech Advisor on October 3, 2016. The original article can be accessed here. In a world where customers share their feedback with businesses in a myriad of different ways – through social media, online chat, and … Read more