Tracking a wearable product launch

Customer feedback analytics and ticket classification make for a successful wearable technology product launch. Read the full case study here. Story A global consumer electronics company was on the verge of releasing a brand new wearable product. Given such a high-profile launch, the company needed to be ready to resolve any issues that might crop up … Read more

Webinar: Analyzing Customer Feedback in Minutes, Not Months

In case you missed our live webinar with Amazon and LQA last week, you’re in luck. The on-demand version of, Analyze customer feedback in minutes, not months, is now live for your viewing pleasure. Before you dive right in and hit that play button, here’s what you can expect. If you’re buried under an avalanche of customer feedback, … Read more

How retailers are using AI to listen to customers

In the world of retail, the customer is indeed king. Retailers strive to minimize returns by selecting the right (quality) products for each and every aisle, all while managing social media fury and customer preferences across every channel imaginable. So, how are the best of the best keeping up with the onslaught of feedback coming … Read more

5 steps to make the most of customer feedback

Steve Jobs once said, “It is not the customer’s job to know what they want.” It’s up to you to discover and deliver what they want, when, how and where they want it. Fortunately, most companies are already sitting on this knowledge. Their customers have provided it in the form of unstructured text feedback such … Read more

Keeping up with customer feedback: using AI to make the most of your data

Once customers choose a product or service, the continuing success of their relationship with that company depends on customer support. Get it right and win loyal customers for life. Miss the mark and you lose customers, who may then broadcast their dissatisfaction and do more damage to your brand. The noise level is rising, and … Read more

Six questions (and answers) about analyzing customer feedback

We’ve gone on the record before to state how important it is for companies to analyze their customers’ feedback if they want to remain competitive. Your customers know what they want and what they don’t want from the companies they buy from – and they’re not afraid to share. The good news is that more … Read more