Tracking a wearable product launch

Customer feedback analytics and ticket classification make for a successful wearable technology product launch. Read the full case study here. Story A global consumer electronics company was on the verge of releasing a brand new wearable product. Given such a high-profile launch, the company needed to be ready to resolve any issues that might crop up … Read more

Discovering caregiver needs using online communities

A Boston-based agency that manages online communities for their Fortune 500 clients wanted to learn more about their customers and drive growth. Read the full case study here. Story One of their clients, a global pharmaceutical company, had been collecting feedback from their community for nine months. They wanted to use this data to understand the … Read more

Improving the CDC’s prediction models using Luminoso

The Centers for Disease Control relied on Luminoso to surface trends and improve their prediction models Story As pandemics rise around the world, this government-run public health organization recognized the need for faster, more accurate analytics. They rely on such analytics, specifically predictive models, to measure the spread of disease and inform how it responds … Read more

Can employee engagement improve customer loyalty?

A global telecom company discovered the connections between employee engagement and customer loyalty. Story The business analytics team at a large telecom company had been compiling and analyzing customer and employee feedback using traditional statistical methods. The problem was that these methods only worked well with quantitative data, and the team quickly realized that open-ended responses … Read more

How retailers are using AI to listen to customers

In the world of retail, the customer is indeed king. Retailers strive to minimize returns by selecting the right (quality) products for each and every aisle, all while managing social media fury and customer preferences across every channel imaginable. So, how are the best of the best keeping up with the onslaught of feedback coming … Read more

Ticket-wrangling with mobile game developers

In the world of mobile game development, there is a very real and looming threat of game-breaking bugs slipping into the latest release, causing users to frantically swat at the bee in their bonnet via support tickets. For one particular developer, this threat was made much more manageable with the help of both Luminoso Compass … Read more