Introducing Concept-Level Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Leading brands consistently invest serious cash into understanding customer feelings. Feedback like I love my new shoes, but hated how long it took them to ship holds the key to understanding what pain points or positive moments make or break a user’s experience. Even reviews that look overall negative or positive may be hiding more … Read more

Concept-level sentiment analysis: The next level of understanding emotion in text feedback

If you work with text feedback data in any form – product reviews, support tickets, open-ended survey responses, to name a few – you’ve undoubtedly encountered sentiment analysis. You might even own or have built a text analytics system that has a sentiment analysis tool. Standard in almost all text analytics products, sentiment analysis is … Read more

Search like a human with AI-powered natural language understanding

The amount of data we collect is only growing with each passing day, and there’s no sign of it slowing anytime soon. To make any use of all this information, we need a better way to search it. The bigger a haystack, the more difficult it is to find a needle. Tech giants like Microsoft … Read more

Introducing Highlights and Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Since its launch in 2015, Luminoso’s core application for analyzing conversational text data has distinguished itself by working without libraries, ontologies, or lengthy setup. Our team is always searching for the quickest, most effective ways to analyze unstructured text data for business and technical users alike. We want all of our customers to uncover critical … Read more

Tracking a wearable product launch

Customer feedback analytics and ticket classification make for a successful wearable technology product launch. Read the full case study here. Story A global consumer electronics company was on the verge of releasing a brand new wearable product. Given such a high-profile launch, the company needed to be ready to resolve any issues that might crop up … Read more

Removing bias from artificial intelligence

Whether they’re automatically completing emails, recognizing faces, or assessing criminal risk factors, AI systems can incorrectly favor certain results. Should these AI systems be more transparent in how they formulate recommendations? Better yet, how can we mitigate biased AI in the first place? Why AI is susceptible to bias Most AI technologies rely on one … Read more