ChatGPT: The end of market research?

Dive into a kaleidoscope of ideas, where technology intertwines with creativity, illuminating the path for future-forward market research. Join Kim Larson, the Client Success Manager at Luminoso, and Rob Pascale, a Chief Analytics Officer of Marketing Analysts, as they journey through an intriguing digital landscape painted by Artificial Intelligence, specifically the generative AI model, ChatGPT. … Read more

Luminoso Word of the Week: Ontology

Where did we come from? Where do we go? (And will we ever reveal the identity of Cotton-Eyed Joe?) Answering these questions starts with the word ontology, which describes a branch of metaphysics focused on the nature and grouping of entities that exist (or are said to exist) according to their similarities and differences. Origins … Read more

Luminoso Word of the Week: Slang

Whether you’re abbreviating a common phrase or excluding outsiders with your own lingo, slang is a constantly changing linguistic phenomenon seen in every subculture across the globe. As a previous Luminoso blog pointed out, words like “wicked” can go from meaning evil or morally wrong, to really, very, or great depending on the population or locale using it. Suddenly, the … Read more

Luminoso Word of the Week: Naive

You may remember your first wide-eyed year at a new school, surrounded by senior students who dismissed you as “clueless” or “naive”. And like all of us, you simply lacked enough experience with the world. The joys and perils of being naive Many authors and celebrities have romanticized the virtues of naivete and the fresh, … Read more

Luminoso Word of the Week: Emoji

When they first started appearing, you probably thought they were 💩.  Or perhaps you were reluctant to stop turning your head sideways ;-). But as they continued to supplant emoticons, emojis are here to stay.  And they have an impact on how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language technologies understand the world. Where did … Read more

How Luminoso learns new languages

This week’s post was written by Lance Nathan, Senior Linguistics Developer at Luminoso. We talk a lot about how Luminoso can “natively process” text data in multiple languages. In other words, it can process and analyze unstructured data in a language such as Korean or Arabic, without needing to translate it to and from another … Read more