support agent confidence and satisfaction

There’s nothing more frustrating than asking a customer service representative for help and not being able to get the right answer. OK, maybe not being able to provide someone the right answer is equally frustrating. Luminoso’s natural language understanding platform helps you better triage your trouble tickets so they get routed to the most qualified support members for faster resolution.

Avoid trouble tickets in the first place

You know what’s better than optimizing your trouble ticket workflow? Not having a trouble ticket in the first place! With Luminoso, you can classify documents [LINK] so that end users can find the best solution to their problem faster.

Organizations Trust Luminoso for better insights in text analytics

With Luminoso, organizations don’t just listen to their audiences, or even understand them. They understand them better.

No More Tagging

No more tagging parties that take up precious days (and lots of pizza) every single month.

No Training Needed

There’s no need for creating dictionaries or ontologies because Luminoso’s world-class AI learns on the fly.

No Setup Required

You can be up and running with Luminoso quickly because it’s all cloud-based.

Manage your trouble tickets better

By tagging your trouble tickets, you’ll be able to better route, track and manage your tickets and set up your review process to better automate your ticketing workflow.

Your product team will love you

Your product team might also want to better understand the support issues users are facing. By tagging the trouble tickets more accurately, they’ll be able to see what are the most pressing user issues and prioritize their resolution.

One platform

Endless use cases

Here are just a few:

Speech to Text Transcription Analysis

Improve the customer experience by analyzing those customer interactions more quickly and effectively.

Document Search Enhancement

Make searching your website easier when users may not know exactly what they’re looking for.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly understand the full picture of how people feel about any given subject.
Product Reviews Analysis

Product Reviews Analysis

Gain insights into what customers love about your products to accelerate product innovation.
Closed Win/Loss Analysis

CRM Analysis

Do your post-mortem “Closed/Won” or “Closed/Lost” analysis with AI-powered natural language understanding.
Document Classification

Document Classification

Forget about classifying countless documents by hand. Instead, use the power of AI to do it better. Faster.
Text Analysis For Medallia Users

Text Analysis For Qualtrics Users

Qualtrics offers tons of things to analyze in its platform. What if the text is not from its platform? We’ve got you covered.
Ticketing Workflow Automation

Ticketing Workflow Automation

Are your trouble tickets not landing to the most appropriate support personnel? That ends now.
Text Analysis For Medallia Users

Text Analysis For Medallia Users

Is Medallia’s native text analytics leaving you wanting…more? Ya, we feel you. We’ve got you covered with relational analytics to answer business question.

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