Webinar: Analyzing Customer Feedback in Minutes, Not Months

In case you missed our live webinar with Amazon and LQA last week, you’re in luck. The on-demand version of, Analyze customer feedback in minutes, not months, is now live for your viewing pleasure. Before you dive right in and hit that play button, here’s what you can expect. If you’re buried under an avalanche of customer feedback, … Read more

What we found in 3 million Russian troll tweets

On July 31st, FiveThirtyEight shared 3 million Russian troll tweets to the public. With data so large and relevant to understanding Russian interference in American democracy, crowdsourcing this kind of research could unearth breakthrough insights. As concerned citizens and patriots, Luminoso wanted to help analyze this data We saw the tweets were collectively all over the … Read more

How retailers are using AI to listen to customers

In the world of retail, the customer is indeed king. Retailers strive to minimize returns by selecting the right (quality) products for each and every aisle, all while managing social media fury and customer preferences across every channel imaginable. So, how are the best of the best keeping up with the onslaught of feedback coming … Read more

Ticket-wrangling with mobile game developers

In the world of mobile game development, there is a very real and looming threat of game-breaking bugs slipping into the latest release, causing users to frantically swat at the bee in their bonnet via support tickets. For one particular developer, this threat was made much more manageable with the help of both Luminoso Compass … Read more

5 steps to make the most of customer feedback

Steve Jobs once said, “It is not the customer’s job to know what they want.” It’s up to you to discover and deliver what they want, when, how and where they want it. Fortunately, most companies are already sitting on this knowledge. Their customers have provided it in the form of unstructured text feedback such … Read more