Using your live chat data to drive insights

Live chat is rapidly becoming the most common channel for resolving customer service issues. Just within the U.S., usage of live chat has increased from 43% in 2012 to 65% in 2015.  It’s not surprising – customers don’t enjoy navigating complicated phone menus only to be placed on hold, and companies are realizing that live … Read more

You haven’t seen airline rankings like these before

Way back in 2014, we used our products Analytics and Compass to collect and analyze over 157,000 tweets about five major US-based airlines in order to see what people liked and disliked about them all. The general findings? Virgin America was a crowd favorite, while United was great at infuriating its passengers. Time for a … Read more

Surveys: Time for a major upgrade

This article was originally published by Customer Experience Magazine on February 8, 2017. It was written by Eric Pendleton, our awesome Product Training Manager. You can read the original article here. Let’s face it. Surveys suck. They suck to take and they really suck to design. Even a well-designed survey tends to make assumptions (in … Read more

When “wicked” means “good”

Pop quiz! The definition of the word “wicked” is: If you answered “4,” you just earned yourself a virtual high five. Congratulations! For the rest of us, this is a great chance to think about how regional dialects and even cultural differences can affect how we understand and analyze text-based feedback. (It’s also an excellent opportunity … Read more

Conducting analyses in a changing science landscape

This week’s blog post was written by Cassie Johnson, Vice President of Customer Success and Services at Luminoso. My colleague Dmitry Grenader recently wrote an article about AI and machine learning and our relationship with it.  Specifically, he ended his post exhorting his readers to: Work with the machine. Seriously, tell your colleagues to treat it … Read more

Whoever said surveys are dead is dead wrong

This post was written by Cassie Johnson, VP of Customer Success and Services at Luminoso, and was first published by MarTech Advisor on October 3, 2016. The original article can be accessed here. In a world where customers share their feedback with businesses in a myriad of different ways – through social media, online chat, and … Read more