Responsible AI: The importance of addressing bias in artificial intelligence

It’s tempting to think of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms as a source of objective truth based on data, but that’s really not how they work. Computers can only do the things they’re told to do by people. The data they use to learn and improve also comes from people. And the harmful things that people … Read more

Democratizing AI: Bringing the power of artificial intelligence to all

During my flight home from a recent meeting, I was reflecting on the feedback we received from a client with a strong internal data science team, and my mind drifted to the impact Yahoo Finance had on the stock market over 20 years ago. Understanding why a client meeting about our AI-powered text analytics triggered … Read more

Four misconceptions about AI text analytics

Organizations receive feedback about their products and services through more channels than ever before. At the same time, text analytics applications have transformed and are increasingly more useful, performing even the most advanced analyses of unstructured text. Organizations that can figure out how to deliver great experiences ultimately win the game of increased loyalty and … Read more

Introducing Highlights and Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Since its launch in 2015, Luminoso’s core application for analyzing conversational text data has distinguished itself by working without libraries, ontologies, or lengthy setup. Our team is always searching for the quickest, most effective ways to analyze unstructured text data for business and technical users alike. We want all of our customers to uncover critical … Read more

3 ways to improve your survey responses

Our clients use Luminoso to analyze unstructured text data they receive in many forms, including surveys, reviews, support tickets – and more. Unsurprisingly, we regularly see many surveys and gather insights about the questions our clients ask their respondents. Read on to learn three quick things to keep in mind, and how each can vastly … Read more